VADEX-Pro protein expression kit

Price: USD 1,000

Contents: Instruction manual (v1.0)

                   VADEX-Pro vector (Cat#2233101)

                   VADEX-ProM control vector (Cat#2242801)

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Description: VADEX-Pro protein nanoparticle expression vector enables single step expression of self-assembled protein nanoparticle based on VADEX technology. Customer is able to insert target protein coding gene into the MCS of VADEX-Pro and expresses target protein on the surface of a nanoparticle. In the form of nanoparticle, target protein of your choice obtains high antigenicity and high stability in ambient temperature. VADEX-Pro-M contains a maltose binding protein (MBP) in MCS that serves as positive control for the protein expression processes. VADEX-Pro is suitable for protein expressing in oxidative condition. This kit is for research use only.

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